TechnologyLaunch an AI risk incident database to keep legal and financial professionals...

Launch an AI risk incident database to keep legal and financial professionals smart about developing AI risks and systems.

AI Responsibility Lab PBC, a SaaS company specializing in responsible AI transformation automation, released its latest product today: Mission Control – AI Insights, a new module in its pioneering AI Responsible Transformation platform. AI Insights is the world’s most complete platform for AI risk intelligence and research. It helps legal, financial, and research teams stay on top of the ever-accelerating landscape of AI risks, alleged incidents of harm, and emerging global regulations. AI Insights offers a combination of intelligent automation and advanced filtering that helps teams save hours of discovery and research every week. AI Insights is free to try for 30 days at

The development and adoption of AI is accelerating and reshaping both industry and society. And it’s not without its downsides: The dangers and harms of AI are emerging as quickly as the technology itself.

What was once apocalyptic science fiction is fast becoming our reality. For example, early October 2022 For the forensic physician United kingdom It included Instagram’s recommendation algorithm as the official listed cause of a teenage girl’s death.

For those who study the dangers of artificial intelligence, this is not surprising. The impacts of AI risks are real, current, and accelerating.

Today, the use of artificial intelligence can exacerbate existing racial and gender biases. The systems that control critical decisions about our lives — such as getting credit and employment — often behave fickle or incomprehensible. Computational optimization was accused of accelerating genocide. There is a huge environmental impact of the raw materials and energy that goes into building and training AI systems. AI fundamentally challenges our notions of privacy, the inviolability of our personal data, and our own autonomy. Increasingly intelligent software and machines are reshaping the global work landscape and have the potential to displace human workers dramatically – despite increasing productivity.

The growing field of Ethics for AI and Responsible AI is working to understand, predict, and reduce the harm and risks caused by AI systems. Responsible AI teams combine research, ethics, technology, and business transformation to create the frameworks, expertise, and missing technologies that help companies reduce AI risks and improve ROI from this transformative technology.

Legal, financial and advisory firms are increasingly involved in AI risks.

Legal teams build cases where AI has been harmed, advise their clients on reducing AI risks, and navigate evolving global regulations around AI. In the financial sector, AI risks become brand risk and portfolio risk.

In response to the growing needs of professional teams to overcome AI risks, the AI ​​Responsibility Lab has developed the AI ​​Insights platform.

“When we talk to the legal teams, there is a desire to learn more about AI and help their clients here.” AIRL CEO Description Ramsay Brown. “But for many of them, it’s outside their core experience. It’s just continuing to emerge. What we’ve seen is that they’re missing the tools and community to build the understanding and inertia that they need here. And we saw that as an opportunity to help.”

AI Insights is the world’s most complete platform for AI risk intelligence and research.

AI Insights helps teams deliver valuable insights faster: sent straight to their inbox. Automated smart filters enable advanced logical combinations of searchable tags: for companies, risk factors (eg: racial bias, job displacement, data privacy), and geographic regions. This helps busy teams separate the signal from the noise and get only the exact alerts they care about.

Collect thousands of data to monitor the evolving AI risk landscape; Unifying them in one private dashboard, database and automated notification system. As a facet of the growing legal tech landscape, AI Insights puts breaking news and updates in the vocabulary of AI risks: every item is flagged, ranked, and prepared with powerful expert analysis. New risk incidents are recorded daily.

AI Insights is the latest release from the AI ​​Responsibility Lab, an extension of their flagship platform for Responsible AI Transformation, Task Control. Mission Control is a SaaS platform to accelerate the responsible transformation of AI. For teams in the exploratory stages of responsible AI maturity, Task Control improves learning and engagement and fosters a responsible AI culture. For advanced teams, task control enables token-free governance automation. Now companies can bridge the inevitable gaps between AI governance audits and the AI ​​business itself: through data integration, inference engines, and intelligent operating logic in an event-driven environment. Task control helps teams resolve fundamental deficiencies in coordination and visibility that lead to waste and harm and operationalize their aspirations in AI governance.

There is a great deal of work to get this right, as the world’s most successful companies realize the role that artificial intelligence plays in their success; A 2022 survey by Accenture of hundreds of global C-Suite executives showed a strong desire for the responsible transformation of AI: 69% of respondents indicated that their companies already had some level of AI governance, and more than 80% of respondents said they They will commit 10% or more of their total AI budget to meet regulatory requirements by 2024. In addition to the quality engineering benefits afforded by AI governance, leaders see the impending wave of global AI regulations as a strong incentive to take a proactive stance.

“Given the current pace of AI development, we know it is only accelerating. And as it stands, its impact on our entire lives cannot be underestimated. Helping legal and professional teams build the competencies and workflows they do The need to keep AI safe must be a priority,” Brown said. To be part of a better world that we need to build together.”



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