TechnologyLaptop Black Friday deals live: MacBooks, Chromebooks, and more

Laptop Black Friday deals live: MacBooks, Chromebooks, and more


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Want a cheap Windows 11 laptop in the UK for Black Friday? Of course you do! In my book, this is the best Windows 11 laptop on sale: Acer Aspire 3, £349 at Currys (Opens in a new tab).

While the CPU isn’t great, a 10th Gen Intel Core i3, it isn’t terrible For this price, the 256GB SSD is a little small. However, it does come with 8GB of RAM, which I think is the minimum you’ll want to run Windows 11 smoothly. Many of the Windows 11 laptop deals on Black Friday come with 4GB of RAM, so keep an eye out, as this will result in a slow, cluttered laptop that will make you feel like you wasted your money, even if you didn’t. spend a lot.

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Let’s start with the cheapest laptop you can buy in the UK on Black Friday (this one is actually worth buying: the Asus C204MA Chromebook, which is just £119.99 on Amazon (Opens in a new tab).

This is a great little laptop for kids and students, or anyone who wants a second laptop without spending a fortune. It’s not powerful, but it runs Chrome OS (the operating system, which is based on the Google Chrome web browser) quite well.

For everyday tasks, like surfing the web or writing documents (such as working at home), you won’t find a better laptop at this incredibly low price.

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Best msi deals july 22

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If you want a big list of all The best laptop deals on Black FridayWe have an extensive guide, but this live blog will be used to showcase some really interesting laptop deals as I find them.

I’ll also dive into what makes these laptop deals so good.

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Welcome to our live blog, where we’ll be highlighting the best Black Friday laptop deals as they pop up online. As you might expect, laptop deals have been thick and fast, and I’ll be highlighting the best deals as they appear.


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