How to use Midjourney to create AI photos

How to use Midjourney to create AI photos

squeeze out Artwork created by artificial intelligence It is upon us, and the Internet is full of users trying to make perfect claims to lead artificial intelligence to create just the right images – or sometimes, just the wrong ones. Does it look funny? Midjourney is one of the most popular artificial intelligence tools, which people use to create dreamlike landscapes and themes with just a few words.

If you want to give Midjourney a try, we have good news: registration is free, and you can start trying out the AI ​​generator in just a few minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about using it for the first time.

How to start using Midjourney

Step 1: make sure you You are logged in to Discord. Midjourney runs entirely on Discord, so you’ll need an account there to use it. Signing up for Discord is also free if you haven’t done so yet.

Step 2: Visit Midjourney’s website. Here choose Join the beta. This will automatically take you to the Discord invite.

Step 3: Accept Discord’s invitation to Midjourney. to choose Continue to the dispute.

Midjourney accept the invitation.

The fourth step: Your Discord app will not open automatically. When that happens, select Ship-like Midjourney icon in the left menu.

Fifth step: In the Midjourney Channels, locate a file newcomer Rooms. There will usually be a number of newcomer rooms open with names like “newbies-108”. You can select any of these to get started.

Rooms for newcomers in Midjourney.

Sixth step: You are now ready to start creating AI art. Before you begin, note that you only have a certain number of instant options available as part of the free trial. You can create about 25 free images. After that, you will have to purchase a full membership to continue. If you’d rather not spend any money, it’s a good idea to take some time and think about what you want to create in Midjourney. If you wish, you can type “/help” for a list of tips to peruse.

Seventh step: When you’re ready, type “/imagine” into the Discord chat for the starter room. This will create a prompt field where you can type the description of the image. The more accurate your description, the better the AI ​​will be able to achieve good results. Be descriptive, and if there’s a particular style you’re looking for, include it in your description. There are codes of conduct to follow here, but if you keep things clean, you don’t have to worry.

When done, select Enters to send your prompt.

Midday image options.

Eighth step: Give midday a minute to create your photos. The AI ​​usually creates several different versions based on your description. You now have a number of options to continue.

Look below the images, and you’ll see a section of the U and V buttons labeled 1 through 4. The numbers correspond to the four images that Midjourney produced. Selection or You will upgrade that particular image to a larger, more specific version. Selection Fifth It will create a brand new photo based on the existing photo you choose. You’ll also see an Update button on the side to request a new batch of photos. Keep in mind that each of these options will use some of the free prompts you have available, so only do this if you’re sure you want to proceed.

Step 9: If you find the picture you like and choose it or To upgrade it, you will get a new set of options. You can choose Making Differences on that picture, upgrade to max Before downloading or selecting a file Upscale luminous tour If that’s not quite what you want, among other options.

When you’re done, you can send the photo directly to yourself by selecting a file Circumstance Emojis and add them to your chat. This allows you to save and download the image whenever you want.

Single photo options at midday.

Step 10: If you plan to use a lot of Midjourney, you can use any bot channel in Midjourney’s Discord and type “/Subscribe”. This will create a link that you can follow to pay for the subscription. Those who are really serious about using Midjourney long term will also want it Take a look at the guidewhich will provide you with a larger list of commands and some tips on how to create images.

For more AI photo creation options, check out What is Microsoft doing in this area?very.

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