Govt Encouraging Companies to Manufacture Mobile Phones Locally


Syed Aminul Haq IT and Telecommunication Minister said that the government is encouraging companies to manufacture mobiles phones locally that contain all the specs but with lessen prices.

In the inaugural ceremony of Software Technology Park at Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science and Technology, he said that we want public to purchase the best smartphones at the price range from 8k to 12K rather than paying a huge amount between 50k to 1Lac.

He said in an interview that the same things were planned by the previous administrations; moreover, he also attended the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony signed between PSEB and HIAST. It aimed at the low prices of smart phones as well as more job opportunities for people.

MoU is a big achievement as it covers multiple sections like making of a software company at the campus. It has a vast building providing online training as well as creating link among industry and academia. It also supports the entrepreneurs and IT departments.

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Minimum 16 software expertise all over the state covering 1,169,500 contributing to the technology brands to facilitate them. Even though IT industry has expanded but it worked hard in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. IT minister informed public, before introducing 5G in the state we need to increase the users of the 4G by 50% but till now we have only 41% of users.

Now the administration is doing its best to provide 3G and 4G network in those areas where there is no internet coverage. He said that as everything is changing so fast also that everyday a new application is launched on mobile phones so customers should know about a proper platform to talk about their issues.

He told that all the new trends are being watched by the IT department. It also focuses on the changes that are needed to make.

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