Google Pixel Watch 2: What we want to see

Google Pixel Watch 2: What we want to see

We’ve been hoping for a Google private brand smartwatch since before wearing Wear OS, it was called Wear OS and after years of enjoying the platform on third-party wearables, we finally got our wish with 2022 google pixel watch. The good news is that now it’s already here, we shouldn’t wait anywhere soon for the Pixel Watch 2.

Admittedly, given that the first Pixel Watch is still new, the Google Pixel Watch 2 likely won’t arrive before late 2023; Especially since we haven’t heard any rumors about it yet, but that’s still a much faster turnaround as it spans eight years between the advent of Android Wear and the arrival of the current Pixel Watch.

The successor is something Google is definitely working on already, so expect leaks and rumors to start popping up soon. When that time comes, we’ll start adding them to this article, so check back regularly for the latest developments on the Pixel Watch 2.

In the meantime, you’ll find our best guesses on the Pixel Watch 2’s release date and price, followed by our wishlist of what we want from it.

cut to chase

  • What is this? Google’s next Pixel smartwatch
  • When does it come out? Maybe October 2023
  • How much will it cost? Unclear, but probably at least $350 / £340 / AU$550

Google Pixel Watch 2 release date and price

We don’t know when the Pixel Watch 2 will be announced, but given that the smartwatch industry generally tends to move in annual cycles, there’s a reasonable chance it will be unveiled about a year after the original Pixel watch.

That could mean a launch in or around October 2023, though as there’s only been one model so far, we can’t be entirely confident that Google will stick with the annual updates.

However, assuming it touches down in 2023 at all, the most obvious timing would be along with Pixel 8 which is likely to land in October 2023.

For the price, it probably has a similar cost to the current Pixel Watch, which starts at $350 / £340 / AU$550, but that’s just speculation at the moment.

Google Pixel Watch 2 news and leaks

There’s no news about the Pixel Watch 2 at the time of writing, but we’ll fill in that section as soon as we hear anything.

However, there are some things we can predict. For one, it will undoubtedly run Wear OS; Not only does the current Pixel Watch run on the same platform, but Google makes the platform, so running anything else would be silly.

It’s also supposed to retain most of the features of the current model, which – in addition to all standard smartwatch features – includes an electrocardiogram.

What we want to see

Despite the quality of the Pixel Watch, there are a lot of things Google can do to improve the Pixel Watch 2, including the following:

1. Multiple sizes

Google Pixel watch side

Pixel Watch size won’t be perfect for everyone (Photo credit: Future/Lance Ulanoff)

The Google Pixel Watch is a one-size-fits-all device, which of course means it’s not the perfect size for everyone.

In fairness, it arguably strikes the best possible balance for a wearable that only comes in one size, but we’d still be given the option; like you with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 And the Apple Watch 8 for example – they both come in two sizes.

2. Simple range switch

One of the main issues we found with the Google Pixel Watch was how difficult it was to switch bands. Google has opted for a proprietary system, which keeps them somewhat limited in compatible bars out of the gate.

Proprietary systems sometimes make switching scopes easier than it might otherwise be, however, the opposite is true with a DSLR-inspired viewfinder mechanism in action on the Pixel Watch.

Once we get to grips with it, the system has proven to be less painful, but there is definitely a learning curve, so this is definitely something that we hope Google will refine for the Pixel Watch 2.

3. Smaller bezel

Google Pixel Watch is always displayed

The Google Pixel watch has a thick bezel (Photo credit: Future/Lance Ulanoff)

Despite having a fairly high price tag, the Google Pixel Watch has a huge bezel around its circular screen, which works against the high-quality look and feel, and makes it look cheaper than it is.

Thanks to some smart UI options by Google, the bezel isn’t particularly noticeable most of the time, but it’s still a shocking size for a modern smartwatch. As such, we want to see this shrink by the time people slap their Google Pixel Watch 2 on the wrist.

4. Compare it to sleeping in it

Our review found that the Pixel Watch’s dome-shaped back made it a little uncomfortable to sleep in, and even woke our reviewer from his slumber on multiple occasions.

This obviously isn’t ideal, and while some sleepers might not have this problem, we like the Pixel Watch 2’s back flat, so that no one loses sleep on top of it.

5. Better Fitbit integration

The Google Pixel Watch is a full-fledged Fitbit device, with access to a dedicated Fitbit app and Fitbit Premium features (it comes with six months of access as part of the price).

However, this all seems unnecessarily disjointed, as you need a separate Fitbit account to access the many health and fitness features on the Pixel Watch, while a Google account handles everything else.

Since Google now owns Fitbit, asking for your Google account to act as a Fitbit login doesn’t seem like an exaggeration either. As such, we hope all of this will be streamlined in time for the Pixel Watch 2; Because that would put her on the path to becoming a wearable killer and possibly one The best smart watches Abroad.

If you can’t wait that long, why not check out our rundown of Best smart watch deals Available now and better smart watch black friday deals if you can wait until November 25th.

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