Github Copilot X uses GPT-4 to polish your code

Github Copilot X uses GPT-4 to polish your code

Following its success among developers with Copilot, GitHub has announced its next phase, Copilot X, designed to expand beyond the realms of code autocompletion.

While Copilot was based on a descendant of GPT-3 known as Codex, it’s probably not surprising that Microsoft’s proprietary software development service Copilot X now uses GPT-4.

However, some Codex elements remain a part of the experience, but overall, Copilot X promises to be a much deeper AI integration, expanding its feature list to chat and voice, pull requests, and the command line.

GitHub Kopilot X and GPT-4

“At GitHub, our mission has always been to innovate ahead of the curve and give developers everything they need to be happier and more productive in a software-powered world,” GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke wrote in a blog post announcing the launch.

Basically, the ChatGPT version will now be available directly in VS Code and Visual Studio. The chat function can be used to write code, but because it supports the native IDE, it can also understand context.

As Dohmke explains: “It learns what code the developer has written, what error messages are showing, and it’s deeply integrated into the IDE.”

This allows developers to get detailed analytics directly from the IDE without having to explain the context, which can save an enormous amount of time.

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Although Copilot has helped developers code up to 55% faster, and half of the code is now written by the AI ​​tool, Dohmke claims that GPT-4 is “finally starting to catch up.” [the company’s] The ambition to create an AI binary programmer that assists in every development task at every point of the developer’s experience,” indicating that GPT-3-based paradigms weren’t quite up to par.

However, with the increase in technological aid, the complications will undoubtedly deepen. late last year, A lawsuit has been filed against Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI For $9 billion for failing to properly attribute the code.

However, the US Copyright Office recently pointed this out AI-generated content can be copyrighted as one’s work provided it has been sufficiently modified.

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