TechnologyGarmin just quietly released five new watches

Garmin just quietly released five new watches

Garmin has unveiled its second generation of Marq watches. Super quality set, even more Best Garmin Watches Like the high-end Fenix ​​and Epix sports watches, this collection of “luxury” watches is tailored with specific sports in mind, with five watches featuring features for athletes, golfers, sailors, pilots and adventurers.

As you might be able to tell the price of the ‘Luxury’ line, these watches aren’t cheap, starting at 1900 dollars in the United States (Opens in a new tab)And the £1600 in the UK (Opens in a new tab) And the 3250 AUD (Opens in a new tab)in Australia for a slightly less expensive sports model. The watches are made with a Titanium Grade5 case, domed sapphire glass lenses, and premium straps depending on which model you choose that have materials like more titanium, hybrid leather, woven nylon, a 16-day battery, and (a new addition to the lineup) an AMOLED touchscreen.


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