Fujifilm launched live: Will we see the long-awaited Fujifilm X-T5?



So, how do you watch the Fujifilm X summit today? The event is streamed live on YouTube at the link above, with the official start time on November 2 at 9AM ET/1PM GMT. If you’re in Australia, it’s 12AM EDT on November 3rd, but that’s no excuse not to listen.

YouTube easily lets you set reminders when your live stream is about to start – just tap the bell icon in the video above and you’ll receive an email reminder. But obviously a better approach is to grab some popcorn in addition to your favorite camping chair, and continue our build here. It will definitely be much more entertaining Watching Twitter burn to the ground.


Hi, I’m Mark (Editor of TechRadar Cameras) and I’ll walk you through today’s Fujifilm X Summit event. I’ve used, reviewed, and owned a lot of Fujifilm X-series cameras, so I really look forward to seeing what the unique camera brand has up their sleeves for today.

It was already the end of the year for the new cameras, with the OM System OM-5 and Hasselblad XQD 100C and Sony finally coming to life with the FX30, ZV-1F, and A7R V. It’s shaping up to be one of the Cameras of the Year. Could Fujifilm really be able to get past it today? We’ll find out in just ten hours.

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