Forced Popup Ads of PTCL are Bombarding Customers Ruthlessly


DSL and  EVO customers are being bombarded with popup ads injected into websites that they visit while using PTCL’S broadband services.

It is said by PTCL users to propakistani that these popups is never a once in a while thing to be ignored and these popups are being inserted into each new website opened by customers who are left with no other option but to force them making customers frustrated.

When customers visit through PTCL’s DSL or EVO broadband services these popups fill the screen as shown below.

The authorities in-charge are not doing anything though it is not the first time PTCL is involved in this unethical and illegal activity, thereby giving a free hand to PTCL to do as it likes.

A digital publisher while speaking, mentioned that  “PTCL is stealing web-properties by criminally injecting its own ads — on websites that they don’t own — for a paid broadband service. This not only hurts customers’ experience but also costs web-publishers in lost revenue, bad experience and higher bounce rates” he also added  “PTCL could be sued for this, if it was any country except Pakistan” 

Sometimes these pop-ad are raising on the websites to some users without the close button which making them  ultimately to exit the website and not able to utilize the internet what for they are paying.

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