Digital PakistanFor all PayPak Cards HBL enables e-Commerce Transactions

For all PayPak Cards HBL enables e-Commerce Transactions

Through IPG (the Internet Payment Gateway), HBL stands the first bank to make its PayPak e-commerce acceptable. Gateway currently serves more than 400 e-commerce merchants. With e-commerce merchants through HBL, PayPak will make all cardholders to conduct secure transactions.

HBL and 1-Link not only take pride in building financial capacity across Pakistan. However, it believes too that such initiatives will be taken not only for PayPak users, but also for Pakistan’s digital payments, and will be a milestone in the development of e-commerce.

Mr. Najeeb Agarwala, who is CEO Link 1 also said that HBL has always remained at the forefront of digitization and that is why we value our partnership with HBL. This capability brings Pakistan-based digital payment channels one steps closer to acceptance everywhere, while e-commerce is a good practice after epidemics. With the secure functionality of 3D, more all four million PayPak cardholders will be confident for using HBL and e-commerce transactions. We heartily congratulate HBL on becoming the first bank to accept PayPak e-commerce payments.

The Chief Innovation and Financial Inclusion of HBL Mr. Abrar Mir said that HBL is 1st bank that will allow it PayPak users to use the e-commerce stage and for that HBL is proud too. The Payment Gateway is convenient for all merchants who will accept transactions from JPA cardholders, thus empowering those customers to make digital purchases online. HBL is working with a purpose to become such firm Which enables its customers to build ecosystem partnerships and provide in compliant manner and saleable solutions securely.


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