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In the local market of Pakistan, the Government is interested in the normalization of EVs (Electric Vehicles), and for that MG seeming fit that.

A key stakeholder of MG, Javed Afridi stated recently that very soon in the market the automaker is going to launch a dedicated lineup of Pakistan-Made Electric Cars.

Furthermore, he said that the MG ZS EV will be the 1st locally manufactured EV. However, the Pakistani market has its petrol-powered version like a CBU, the EV version type will manufacture in Lahore at the local facility.

In Pakistan, the plugin hybrid of MG HS will add to its lineup and both these vehicles are going to set the platform for a massive paradigm shift in the vehicle market. In Pakistan’s transition to EVs, this will certainly allow MG for becoming a pioneer car maker, Afridi added more.

Having a petrol-powered version the MG ZS EV is an all-electric compact SUV, which is selling in Pakistan, already. 

The battery of the EV variant is about 44.5 kWh that powers the front mounted electric motor, which is capable of generating 350 Nm of torque and 105 kW or 140 hp.

The HS plugin hybrid will help in turbocharging a 1.5-liter which is equal to the 4-cylinder petrol engine. This will happen when this plugin combined with a 90 kW electric motor, generates 370 Nm and 256 hp of torque. That will send to the front wheels through an automatic transmission of a ten-speed. The most vital element is that it features a battery pack of 16.6 k as well, at a rate of 3.7 kWh, it will allow onboard charging that flows.

Afridi said that for the Pakistani market, the UAE-based media outlet that his firm will make sure about the introduction of the quality products at a very reasonable rate. With the aid of the two local vehicles, a low cost will be ensured the assembly plants in Karachi and Lahore.

Last but not the least, he also stated that Lahore’s plant is probably almost ready and soon the first EV to be manufacture in our country (Pakistan). 



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