A recent report has revealed that 70% of Facebook’s Ad revenue was generated from mobile devices during 2015 quarter.

This marks the great volume of revenue produced from mobile for the company since its commencement. The revenue produced in Q1 2015 was over $3.54 billion, which is lower but still very much close to the calculations made by Wall Street.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg mentioned that the rise and fall in the exchange rate were to charge for the lesser revenue. But the question is had the exchange rate same, Facebook would have observed a revenue boost of 55% in spite of 46% increasing the entire revenue produced. The company noticed a round figure of 4 billion people daily watch the video views that prompted Sandberg to say, “Video is exploding on mobile”.

It is noticed Facebook makes it almost all revenue through mobile users. According to the COO, facebook requires to do a boosted job at targeted ads to enhance the incomes even further.

In another report, facebook highlighted 1.44 billion monthly active users and 1.25 billion among them were using mobile.

The company has gross income of $1.19 billion that 28% higher than Q1 2014. Facebook costs were privileged with expenditures totaling 2.61 billion, 83% higher year over year. Operating margin was decreased to 26% down from 43% last year.

CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has said that the company is looking to expand before it starts monetizing other ventures like the VR technology or the WhatsApp platform. The company’s biggest expense comes from the research and development department and Zuckerberg is adamant that the company will continue to invest in diverse areas such solar powered drones and VR technology.

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