Press Releasee-Khidmat Markaz inaugurated in Chakwal, will Provide 135+ Services under One roof

e-Khidmat Markaz inaugurated in Chakwal, will Provide 135+ Services under One roof

Punjab Higher Education and Information Technology Minister Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfaraz on Tuesday inaugurated the e-Khidmat Markaz in Chakwal. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Asif Balal Lodhi, PITB DG e-Governance Sajid Latif and other senior officials were also present on the occasion.

While addressing, Raja Yasir Humayun said that the e-Khidmat Markaz, set up by PITB, will provide the citizens of Chakwal 135+ services under one roof in a hassle-free manner with guaranteed turnaround time. The minister said that serving people was the top priority of the government.

He further added that the state-of-the-art e-Khidmat Markaz will make it very convenient for the citizens of Chakwal to secure a range of services under one roof. He said that the establishment of these facilitation centres will reduce the burden on the district governments while ensuring prompt service delivery for citizens.

PITB Chairman Asif Balal Lodhi said in his remarks that the e-Khidmat Centers established in Punjab are providing services to the citizens in a dignified manner. He added that these e-Khidmat Marakaz are a radical departure from the conventional department centric service delivery model.

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