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Digital Promise Launches Product Certification for Shares in AI Design – Campus Technology

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Digital Promise Launches Product Certification for Shares in AI Design

Nonprofit digital promise and the Edtech Equity Project They launched a new educational technology certification that targets racial bias in AI-powered learning programs. The Prioritize racial equality in the adoption of AI design products It now accepts applications from electronic technology providers who deliberately promote equality in the design of their products.

Digital Promise said in a news release that the new certification “prioritizes racial equality by proactively identifying and reducing racial bias in product algorithms and design, as well as requiring products to be transparent about their design processes and actions they take to identify and reduce racial bias.” Release.

The new certification is the first in a planned series of product certifications that will recognize technology solutions designed to focus racial justice throughout design and development, according to the Digital Promise and Edtech Equity Project. These product certifications are “rigid and reliable signals for education companies, principals, educators, and families looking to choose technology that is designed to meet the real and intentionally changing needs of learners.”

“AI has tremendous promise to impact learning, particularly to support educators and learners who are furthest from opportunity,” said Vic Vucic, Chief Strategy Officer at Digital Promise. “However, AI can have biases that affect certain demographics disproportionately. That is why Digital Promise is so excited to partner with the Edtech Equity Project to point out critical design best practices that can mitigate these biases for educators and learners of color.” This product will help teachers and learners find products that adhere to these best practices and focus on making sure that AI works for color learners.”

The first tech company to meet the standards and receive racial equality priority in AI design product certification is SoapBox LabsDigital Promise, he said. “SoapBox Labs’ audio technology has been specifically designed for children’s unique speech patterns and supports some of the most widely used digital learning tools for literacy, language teaching and assessment across all pre-kindergarten through 12th grade,” the nonprofit’s announcement said.

“This award not only recognizes SoapBox Labs’ commitment to racial equality, but also constitutes a meaningful step forward for the education technology industry,” said Nidhi Hebbar, co-founder of the Edtech Equity project. “[Co-Founder] Madison Jacobs and I are excited to see SoapBox Labs deliver best-in-class audio-enabled technology that sets a high standard for the industry by investing in the critical work required to ensure AI works well for color learners.”

To obtain certification, electronic technology vendors must provide evidence documenting all of the following:

  • Seller is intentional and transparent about designing its technology to prioritize property rights.
  • The vendor is critical, collaborative and reflects frequent improvements to its technology to commit to fair tool development.
  • Vendor is responsible for delivering technology that creates equitable and robust learning experiences and outcomes that recognize and address learner diversity.

Requests to prioritize racial equality in AI design product certification are now open on the Digital Promise platform.

digital promise The web page for this certificate It offers several resources for educational technology providers to consider racism and bias in educational technology solutions, starting with a blog post titled What does Ed Tech and AI have to do with race?

The Edtech Equity project also provides resources for education technology providers such as Ed Tech AI Racial Equality Toolkit.

For more information, visit digital promise website.

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