Connectivity Benefits Should be Distributed Equally, Talk by Jazz CEO



Amir Ibrahim the CEO of Jazz said that Pakistan needs to announce a state of cardinal emergency. He said this during a discussion on Covid-19 Lesson for Digital Policy. He also said that without the involvement of the state it is difficult for a remote sector to give a mobile phone and internet link in very hand.

Internet usage

In a report written by Statista, Pakistan has been listed among the top ten internet users. The state took great steps in the fields of IT and others like this. We have tried our best to increase internet availability. However, we are still at the bottom. 


The Internet has given all of us life-changing chances. Its growth has been increased.  

He stated that to elude falling more behind other nations, it is compulsory to step up the digital for bypassing legislation and introducing rules that are accessible, sponsor digital fair play, and provision local digital insertion plans.


Digital highways are built to unlock other areas of connectivity. For this purpose, Telco’s are used. Good point is that the heads realize it. One-third of income is lost in various taxes like GST. Rather than giving this huge amount of taxes, it can be used to provide connectivity in rural areas.

Gender equality

In means of gender equality, mobile phones are the best helpers. In terms of affordability and convenience, the focused policy is required. 


Jazz has started numerous creativities to train females. Flagship training-based program, smart schools have enabled to train about 37000 females among students and 950 among teachers.

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