China-Pak Economic Corridor to be strengthened by E-Corridor

China-Pak Economic Corridor

The e-corridor in the recent meetings with the Chinese delegation was discussed to improving the connectivity among the two countries as the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is important to both the countries.

The CPEC Meeting

Yan Lijin, Chairman of China Investment Promotion Centre, who was leading the Chinese delegation met with Anusha Rehman, the Pakistani Minister for Information and Technology discussed ideas as to enhancing teamwork between the countries’ public and commercial sectors with respect to IT parks, electronic payments etc., and other IT services and also to enable development in the ICT sector.

Anusha Rehman spoke about the government’s interest in arriving at a Digital Pakistan and assistance from the Chinese will help in making the vision a reality.

A proposal backed by Chinese IT and innovation groups was proposed for achieving the public and private sectors partnership and a joint venture investment mechanism by the Chinese delegation and the Pakistani IT Minister assured that proposals in this matter will be quickly evaluated for ensuring transparency and conformity with the country’s legal system.

Pakistan’s IT Sector Up for the Challenge?

The potential of Pakistan in the IT and Telecom sector was noticed and the need for combined efforts for optimizing the financial output was noticed. The Ministry of IT and Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and their Chinese counterparts will be working together in all areas regarding ICT industry and technology park development.

The IT Ministry and the Ministry of Commerce are in the process of developing an e-commerce gateway for commercial projects which will also help in improving consumers’ and businesses’ trust in the online payment systems.

It was guaranteed to the Chinese delegation about international companies being invited to investing in e-commerce initiatives and Chinese parties looking to establishing Internet Payment System or an e-commerce gateway will be receiving full assistance for being a part in the e-commerce chain.

Pakistani government’s vision and efforts were appreciated very much to improve the IT and Telecom sector of Pakistan.

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