Central Depository Company of Pakistan operating with Systems Limited Implementing CRM

Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC) completed project of Systems Limited, which is one of Pakistan’s leading IT and Technology-led BPO services in 8 months.

Systems Limited is providing CRM solutions to the CDC of Pakistan which is now able to handle all queries, complains and transactions of its clients with extended help of Service Level Agreements feature.

Pakistan Capital Market’s backbone infrastructure is serving by the Central Depository Company to make it the only securities depository of its kind in the country.

Systems Limited implementing CRM will enable CDC to eliminate paper work and manual processes, redundant data entry, a user friendly case record system and streamlining order completion and customer service processes. While providing the support CRM helps flexibility for CDC team to get a timely warning on their team’s issues along with the solution. An updated customer service, streamlined to handle queries and complains and the tracking of individual cases.

On completion of this project Mr.Peer, Systems Limited CEO commented as:

Being a leading technology company, we have always provided state of the art services to our customers. The successful demonstration of this project is another milestone in Systems Limited’s journey.

Increased visibility for CDC’s managers through dashboards and charts that help them evaluate team performance is now possible with this system. Due to rich integration capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which is accessible through a single dynamics is now integrated of CDC’s existing systems (Email History, SMS History and Notification Management System)

For their Mobility project, System Limited is now working with the CDC by revamping their existing website to add responsiveness and better User experience (UX), and developing applications on Android and iOS platforms.

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