Press ReleaseCareem to become a digital Ad platform, offering additional incentives for Captains

Careem to become a digital Ad platform, offering additional incentives for Captains

This is a kind of partnership, in which Cream is asking the Captains for monetizing their vehicles. Initially, Cream is enabling 5000 data sim tablets. These tables will install into their vehicles through Digital Ad Platform the drivers will advertise specific content of the customers. As well, through Digital Ad Platform, they will monitor and measure the execution, meanwhile.

In a very short span of time: 30 days, Careem installed 20 screens. These 20 screens proceed out into 36000 views.

In the next phase, Careem is going to install the additional 5,000 more in the 3 months which is expected to result in around 3.5 million views. So in this, the vehicle owners and Captains will become able to earn additional amounts as well.

Moreover, these vehicles will possess free WiFi for both the customers and captains as well. It is expected that this platform will serve in a great way: benefiting the community regarding traffic rules,  civic sense, and functional safety measures, and so on. This ceremony was held in the presence of senior officers belonging to both companies in Lahore in Careem’s office.

During the meeting at an occasion, the CEO & Country General Manager, Careem Pakistan, Zeeshan Hasib Baig stated, he is aimed to leverage this partnership to high mobility. He is not only offering some extra incentives for the Captains. However, he also became a digital Ad platform, which is working united with different brands. And they are offering them real-time monitoring and measurement regarding their advertising.

Furthermore, the CEO of Lambda Marketing, Shoaib Sarwar also stated that we are going to do something extremely innovative, astonishing, and extra means of advertising for the brands. Lastly, he satiated that with 800,000 registered Captains of Careem and having high mobility effects. The effect is creating a win and win situation for all shareholders.

With more than 8000 registered Captains, Careem’s platform is so vast. Furthermore, Careem has invested more than 80 million dollars since 2016 after coming to Pakistan. 

For the sake of enlarging its service, Careem is offering multiple opportunities: transforming into a Super App. As well as money’s dominance that includes daily essential deliveries, food, mobile top-ups, and peer-to-peer credit transfer.


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