As per experts, Pakistan’s 30 PKR tax on each 100 PKR consumed on mobile services is the highest in the world


In a summit arranged by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics named Internet for everyone and following technology professionals mourned that the government obtains thirty rupees as tax from every hundred rupees consumed on mobile services by a user. The costly amount of tax attained on mobile phone services by a government in the world. The experts also highlighted that Pakistan has huge potential to improve the information technology industry but inconsistent strategies cause considerable problems.

The group discussion appeared speakers such as Head of Marketing and Communication M Ali Ibrahim, Mobil ink Microfinance Bank Limited, Zouhair Khalid former president and CEO, Mobil ink, MD Mobile for Development Global System for Mobile Communication, GCTIO, Member of Prime Minister’s Task Force on Information Technology and Telecom along with Pervez Iftikhar, Saad Muzaffar Waraich Information Communication Technology Consultant and, Operations, Pakistan Telecommunication Cooperation. Dr Nadeemul Haque, vice-chancellor, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics chaired the meeting.

The members also emphasized that rather than aiming on small plans and also the government must target on long-term policies which will assist grow the information technology industry and make sure higher remits for the government.

The panelists recognized the GPRS as a necessity rather than a luxury while further adjoin that the non-availability of the internet utilized Pakistan to the margin of being hampered during the starting days of the pandemic. They also lamented that the GPRS was assumed to be the biggest force in controlling the class divide in our society. In addition, it was making further division since it was considered a luxury.


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