Apple Explains What ‘Clean Charging’ For iOS 16.1 Is – But It’s Only US For Now

iOS 16.1 Available now for iPhone 8 and newer phones, and they come with an interesting carbon-saving feature that helps boost Apple’s green credentials — and the company has now explained how it works.

inside support document (Opens in a new tab)Apple states that when this feature is enabled, your iPhone gains an overview of the carbon emissions used in your area, and iOS 16.1 will charge your device during times when cleaner power production is used.

It’s an interesting feature, and it makes us wonder how this could expand to other Apple devices.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

iPhones are one of the most frequently charged devices that many of us rely on every day, but most of us don’t think about the source of the electricity we use to charge our iPhones.

For now, this feature is only available to people in the US, though we hope it will roll out globally soon. If you’re in the US and you don’t see Clean Power charging in your battery settings, you need to enable location services, along with customizing the system and important locations. All of these can be found inside Settings > Privacy and Security > Location Services > System Services.

It’s too soon to tell if the clean energy charging feature will make a huge difference to carbon emissions, but if it does, we could see it reaching other Apple products, such as Macs and MacBooks? With rumors that new M2 MacBook Bros Soon, it might be a good time for this feature to appear in a future macOS Ventura update.

Apple recently Publish a press release (Opens in a new tab)calling for its supply chain to decarbonize completely by 2030 and use entirely renewable sources, so the company is clearly serious about reducing the environmental impact of its products.

We expect the company to do more in the field of renewable energy in the near future, also to show the industry how it can thrive in the world of clean energy while we enjoy sending memes to friends via iMessage.

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