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Pakistani-American antitrust analyst Lina Khan Formally Becomes Head of US Federal Trade Commission

antitrust analyst Lina Khan

A Pakistani-American antitrust analyst Lina Khan has been formally promised in as the new Chair of the United States Federal Trade Commission which is described to be a triumph for the continuous pursuing restrictions on a technical corporation who kept a share of the developing industry of the economy.

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Lina was educated at Columbia Law School who already employed as a staffer for the House magistrates Committee’s antitrust panel. The freshly assigned chair performed an important role in archiving reports that emphasized the misuses of market supremacy by major tech jumbo like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

The United States Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted relative Lina’s new part and considered it as huge news and emphasized the fact how Lina would conduct about accurate proficiency in regards to sector and the respective users.

Warren further said that

With Chair Khan responsible, we have a great opportunity to take big, constructional convert by reestablishing antitrust implementation and opposing dominances that endangered our economy, our society, and our democracy.

After Lina’s nominations, the major technical huge companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google did not put any comments.

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