An Official App which can detects Fake Currency Notes is introduced by SBP


As its known news to all which reported with details on Oct’2015 that the fake currency is being openly circulated in the market and warned to citizens as well. These fake notes which were circulated as there was no enhanced security measures in them. Notes issued between 2005 and 2008 has a staple feature.

When the sequential public complaints piled by the people who unwittingly got duped into accepting fake currency notes, cleared the task to SBP.

SBP put a task as prime objective to educate and make people aware about the issue of fake currency notes which are being traded in Pakistan.

There was a news about SBP developing an app to help people identify counterfeit notes in Feb 2015, which was made true and followed through with its  promise by SBP.


Pakistani Bank Notes are presented for iOS and Android

This app developed for iOS devices like iPad, iPhones and Android devices which help and educate people about the tell-tale signs behind a real and a fake Pakistani rupee note of any denomination.

Unique security safeguards built-in in the rupee note of any denomination can be seen with this app by just selecting the rupee denomination. Denominations include all denominations from 10 to 5000PKR notes.

Can download this Pakistani Bank notes from iTunes Store or Click   here. This app requires a minimum of iOS 8 to work on, though it could’ve easily been compatible backwards with earlier iOS versions and mobile devices too.

Android users click  here. To download the app. 

App is made easy in both the versions Urdu and English as users can use based on their preference.


App works this way to help  you to verify Local Currency Note: 

The app is having 2 ways to check the authenticity of the Pak currency.

  1. Giving the image of genuine note UV mode.
  1. Giving a peek at signs to look out for by highlighting numbers.


Example is shown below. 


 Signs are numbered for Identifying Marks on Pakistani Currency

Currency can be flipped and check on both sides from this Pakistani Bank Notes app.

Hope this app is useful and make us know it does use to you.

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