TechnologyAmazon Black Friday deals live: Millions of discounts will kick in at...

Amazon Black Friday deals live: Millions of discounts will kick in at 12:01 PST tonight

What to expect in the Amazon Black Friday sale

So what new deals will drop in when the midnight sell-off begins?

Well, many of the current discounts will likely still be available. As we’ve seen over the past few years, many deals that launch in early November stay the same through Black Friday and into December. Black Friday doesn’t increasingly see the massive spike in price drops we’ve seen in the past; Instead, prices drop earlier and deals last longer.

However, Amazon confirmed a few in the initial sale announcement. they:


Black Friday classic: Echo Dot for $24.99

Here’s one you don’t need to wait until midnight in order to…

Amazon has already slashed the price of its latest Echo Dot by 50% — bringing the price down to $24.99. Amazon’s smart speakers are always a classic Black Friday deal, and this deal is especially notable because Amazon only released the new Echo Dot 5th Gen at the end of September — that’s the first time it’s been on sale.

We haven’t reviewed it yet, but according to Amazon, it has improved sound—specifically, up to 50% less distortion, yet reaches twice as much bass at the same time.

Right now, it costs about the same as the premium 4G version, which we gave 4.5/5 stars on our site Echo Dot 4th-gen review, so we choose the latest model. If you’re not sure where to start with smart home technology, here’s your answer.

Amazon Black Friday deals live: Millions of discounts will kick in at 12:01 PST tonight

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Welcome to our coverage of the Amazon Black Friday sale

Thank you for joining us this morning.

Wait, you might be thinking, haven’t there been Amazon’s Black Friday deals for the majority of November already? That’s right, the retailer has had early offers for a few weeks, but tomorrow marks TRUE Amazon Black Friday sale begins.

It remains to be seen if that will make a significant difference, but Amazon said the event will run for 48 hours during November 24 and 25. Thousands of new offers — including a selection of limited-time lightning deals — are set to start every 30 minutes.

That includes price cuts of up to 70% on Amazon smart home appliances, coffee machines, games, home appliances, Samsung, HP, Dell, Bose and Xbox — plus an all-new Nintendo Switch bundle.

Stay tuned for regular updates of some of the best early deals in the lead-up, and then we’ll be sharing our top picks from the new crop of Amazon deals as soon as they launch live at midnight. Whatever they are.


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