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AI Adaptive Robotic Clutch | packaging world

The mGripAI robotic clutch is designed for use by food processors and manufacturers of consumer packaged goods soft robots Combines 3D perception, soft grip, and artificial intelligence (AI) to pick up, arrange, sing and wrap items at high speed.

The Soft Robotics Perception units, which capture high-resolution 3D images, are the “eyes” of the mGripAI system. The Intelligence Module is where artificial intelligence is located to process and analyze 3D images. The mGripAI system’s intelligence module takes inputs from Perception Modules and translates these images into action for the robotic arm and handle. The MThe clutch works in unison with the intelligence unit to select the specific product.

At PACK EXPO International, Soft Robotics demonstrates donut picking, sorting by variety, and packing them at rates of up to 70 picks per minute at their kiosk (N-5230).

Paul Kling, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Soft Robotics, said mGripAI “opens the door to engaging with a diverse range of products and applications using the same robotic machine platform.” To help them automate complex production processes in the food and CPG industries.

Key features of the mGripAI clutch include:

  • Picking capacity >90pcs per minute;
  • IP69K rated for use with food items;
  • selection of sensitive and variable products directly from bulk;
  • Reduces product damage with soft grip; And the
  • The ability to integrate with all industrial robots.

Soft Robotics’ flagship mGrip clutch.In addition to being shown at Soft Robotics, mGripAI will also be on display at Schmalz’s booth (S-319) demonstrating consumer basket picking alternating between suction and soft robotic effects using an automatic tool changer.

Soft Robotics’ flagship soft clutch, the mGrip will also be on display at the following Soft Robotics partner booths: Fanuc (N-6116), Ossid (N-5330), Premiere Tech (N-5736), and SMC (S-3982).



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