TechnologyABC Smart Connected Packaging Machine

ABC Smart Connected Packaging Machine

When it comes to implementing intelligent technologies for Industry 4.0 or industrial IoT applications, the focus is often on analytical insights to improve management decision-making. And while this is true, it often overlooks the benefits that these advanced technologies provide to basic processes such as packaging.

To demonstrate the benefits of these technologies in packaging applications, ABC Packaging Machine Corp (Booth N-5306) shows how next-generation smart technology delivers improved production, greater control, simplified maintenance, and complete packaging line connectivity in Back Expo International. Key capabilities offered by AB-C Smart Technology include:

  • integration with terminal automation systems;
  • Remote I/O link access via VPN (Virtual Private Network);
  • Product selection and configuration in the HMI (Human-Machine Interface);
  • Real-time production data, as well as historical data for trend analytics; And the
  • Ability to access data from equipment components and sensors.

What these smart capabilities provide

Providing access to operating data—from drives to sensors—enables OEE measurement for line throughput analytics, provides continuous visibility into equipment operation and productivity, and makes it easier for plant operators to proactively troubleshoot maintenance issues.

With access to the remote I/O link via VPN, ABC service technicians can see every function of the machine to provide real-time remote troubleshooting service to ensure that filling lines continue to operate as needed.

AB-C pallet builder software enables the creation of new pallet and layer configurations in the HMI. The software currently allows four different styles to be placed on a pallet, which benefits shipments to multiple locations, high-volume stores, or directly to retail outlets.

Featured Equipment

Among the machines equipped with smart AB-C technology at PACK EXPO International:

The Model 436 can top sealer can seal with tape and/or hot melt adhesive on the same device.Change is simplified with the Model 436’s smart technology by its ability to sense and adjust the adhesive pattern to a new box size simply by running a can through the sealer. .The Model 72 Low Level PalletAnd the Which Handles bags, trays, display packages and handbags with features for smooth product transportation and loading positioning. While this pallet operates at the floor level, it can accept cases of any level. This means that users can combine low, medium or high level case feeding – with one-touch control and rapid product change – into a low level pallet operation. Automation components on the Model 72 include an Allen-Bradley PLC, IEC drive actuators, and variable frequency drive actuators.

The Model 436 Top Packaging Machine dog Seal with tape and/or hot melt adhesive on the same device. To switch from one sealing method to the other, users only need to replace the sealing unit to start sealing states. Changing with the Model 436’s smart technology is simplified by its ability to sense the adhesive pattern and adjust it to a new box size by simply sliding a canister through the seal. This eliminates the need to set the pattern in the hot melt unit and run test cases. This sealant also features AB-C’s flexible No-Crush pressure rollers that compress the plates tightly to provide airtight, square cans.



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