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Hazir Awan a 14 year old Cyber Kid said that this is an IoT (Internet of Things) geyser. It will require gas as well as internet to run. Two sensors are used with the geyser, one generates electronic flame and controls the gas while the other sensor controls the temperature. Once the water temperature reaches the desired level, the geyser will turn off and turn on again when the water cools down. The pilot of the geyser in the market is always on but this will not be the case in IoT geysers. This will save energy.

According to Hazir, it has come at a very low cost and all safety aspects have been ensured in its preparation. They have prepared this project experimentally but it can also be prepared on a commercial basis.

This talented child has so far won dozens of awards and medals for his computer and internet skills. At the age of 7, Hazir broke Arfa Karim’s record by becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world. He has also won the Microsoft IT Professional and UNICEF awards.

Hazir says my main job and hobby is to produce Robots. I have completed many projects so far, including a driverless car that can make its own way by controlling the obstacles on the way, can control its own speed. Similarly, what has been done on home automation? You can sit in the office and turn on the electronic items running in the house. Similarly, I have developed a car tracker. I have also created a handshake Robort that shakes hands with you and introduces itself. If the government provides opportunities and resources to talented children, they can make Pakistan famous in the world of IT.

UNICEF Champion Cyberkid Muhammad Hazir Awan has developed a geyser in his home during Covid-19 that you can control with the help of a mobile phone. This requires installing an existing app in the Google Play Store.

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