Plan9 launches ‘Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019’ to Connect students with the tech-driven world


To place the students in the preliminary stages of entrepreneurship by workshops and trainings, ‘Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019’ has been launched as part of a collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board`s Project Plan 9 and Information Technology University (ITU), the Punjab. The core purpose of Whizkids is to enable children discover their talents and develop their skills in the fast paced, tech-driven world.

The theme of the three-week long summer camp started on June 24, at Arfa Software Technology Park, is celebrating diversity both in terms of age and social stratification. Packed with interesting and educative workshops, it also offers exciting activities to students from ages 8-18. The coaching and guidance given during this summer camp would help the children to catch up with the global technology trends and identify their future paths.

With special focus on STEM learning, the courses offered will have a blend of technology and entrepreneurship. The courses include Scratch, Robotics, Snap Circuit, Graphic Designing, Marketing and App Development, etc. Additionally, Creative Content Writing will be offered to enhance the writing skills of children. Punjab Whizkids 2019 are divided into two groups of children. One group have children with ages from 8-13 years and the second with ages 14-18 years.

The innovatively designed summer program being organized with the support of PITB`s HR wing, aims at delivering and nurturing future STEM experts, helps our youth chart their future and has, since its commencement, offered workshops ranging from IT based learning to personal development and confidence building.

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‘Raasta’ Mobile App, providing traffic solutions to nearly 200 thousand citizens, will be available for Sialkot soon


‘Raasta’ Mobile App, providing solutions to general public`s traffic related problems and queries has shown unprecedented acceptance by the citizens as so far 183460 users have downloaded this smart phone application, helping them to get updated information & alerts about traffic congestion, roadblock protests, sit-ins or blockages in result of any emergency situations on city roads.

The Application, developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in collaboration with City Traffic Police Lahore (CTPL) has been successfully launched in Lahore and later in Multan this year and will be available soon for Sialkot and other cities as well. Through this app, People can also register complaints with concerned authorities about broken road segments in the city.

Tech savvy commuters in Lahore and Multan use the smartphone application to check their routes for major traffic bottlenecks ahead of their trips across the city. They can get all traffic updates to improve their coordination and to prevent traffic hindrances as much as possible. Some other prominent features are E-Challan, E-Licensing, E-Testing, and complaints registration.

Raasta app keeps citizens informed about incidents regarding protests, accidents and ongoing constructions works. It also provides the information about nearest hospitals, parks and historical places as well.  By entering their CNIC number, applicants can also track the details about driving license delivery, on one touch in real time.

The app is officially introduced on both iOS and Android. The total count of iOS downloads are 34,150 whereas Android users are on 150,210, received this year around. In addition, they will also be informed about the estimated time of the trip. They will be told about the alternate routes, in case the original and routine routes are obstructed. The citizens would be able to leave their comments, feedback, experience and uggestions for the betterment of the app and services.

In a reviewing meeting, Chairman PITB, Azfar Manzoor expressed his satisfaction over the performance of mobile app and the concerned team. It was also discussed that after Lahore and Multan’s successful operation, this app may be extended to other cities of Punjab anon.

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Qeemat Punjab mobile app provides great relief to citizens in Ramadan with 30,000 plus downloads


Commodities price checking and complaint registering mobile app ‘Qeemat Punjab’ developed and launched by Punjab Information Technology Board just before Ramadan has been proved worthwhile and valuable as more than 30,000 citizens downloaded till now, while out of 1324 registered complaints, 873 have been resolved and more than 1.3 million rupees fine has been collected from all the non-compliers hitherto.

qeemat punjab
qeemat punjab

The aim behind ‘Qeemat Punjab’ was to ensure the price control and to notify citizens about the prices of vegetables, fruits and other household items set by the government on daily basis. Besides Ramadan, consumers can also lodge a complaint throughout the year against any shop or seller, selling substandard products or at jacked up prices. They can also file a complaint against misbehavior of any shopkeeper.


To stop the profiteering by the shopkeepers, this citizen centric app was launched successfully in 36 districts of province Punjab on 23rd April, 2019 and has helped citizens in informing and registering any irregularity observed or witnessed related to price controlling in the market. The portal is interlinked with district administration, enabling them to track non-compliers.


Furthermore, a special monitoring team is deployed under deputy commissioner of every district, which carries out the action against any complaint. Punjab Information technology Board also manages and monitor the textual and pictorial data received every day.


In a reviewing meeting Chairman PITB Azfar Manzoor said that technology has made lives of common man easier and Qeemat Punjab is its best example. Director General IT Operations PITB, Faisal Yousaf appreciated the team for successfully developing the state of the art mobile app which is providing great relief to citizens.

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Let’s paint the future together – the AkzoNobel startup challenge begins


Calling all startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators! The first edition of Paint the Future – the AkzoNobel startup challenge is now open and ready to discover new and revolutionary solutions that will accelerate innovation in the world of paints and coatings.


The challenge connects bright minds and promising solutions from across the globe with AkzoNobel’s expertise, global scale and resources. Innovators, challenge teams, institutions and industry experts will work together to enhance the submitted ideas, forming a truly collaborative ecosystem.


Spearheaded by the company’s Chief Technology Officer Klaas Kruithof, Paint the Future offers winners the opportunity to accelerate commercialization of their solution.


“We can’t wait to see what exciting developments this collaborative experience brings to the paints and coatings industry,” says AkzoNobel CEO, Thierry Vanlancker. “We’re driven to create value for our customers, passionate about what we do and always looking ahead. Now, we’re looking to go even further, painting the future together with the world’s coolest innovators.”


Adds Kruithof: “Paints and coatings is a dynamic, technology-driven industry. We know the future lies in working with others and being open to cross-industry solutions. Exploring the new technology frontier, we will be able to introduce new features, improved products and more ways to delight our customers – and accelerate some truly exciting innovations.”




Launched in partnership with KPMG, the challenge focuses on five key areas:

  • Smart application
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Circular solutions
  • Life science infusion
  • Predictable performance

Register at to join the platform, submit solutions and contribute industry expertise as part of the community. More information about the challenge, this year’s five themes and submission process are also available in greater detail on the website.


The deadline for new submissions is March 1, 2019, and participants on the platform will continue to explore, discuss and enrich ideas until March 12, after which AkzoNobel experts will select finalists to participate in the finals event in Amsterdam May 14 to 16. Shortly thereafter, the company will begin working with winners on sustainable business opportunities.


Brief challenge descriptions:

Smart application
How could your solution change or improve the way customers apply our products?

Enhanced functionality
What exciting new functionality can your technology offer to make coatings cleaner, more responsive or adaptive?


Circular solutions
How would your solution enable circular use of materials at any point in our value chain?

Life science infusion
How can your solution, containing bio-active technology, help bring better performance or innovative features to our coatings?


Predictable performance
How can we collect and augment data more innovatively to make predictions for real world surface performance more accurate?


About AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel has a passion for paint. We’re experts in the proud craft of making paints and coatings, setting the standard in color and protection since 1792. Our world class portfolio of brands – including Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon – is trusted by customers around the globe. Headquartered in the Netherlands, we are active in over 150 countries and employ around 35,000 talented people who are passionate about delivering the high-performance products and services our customers expect.

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Emirates develops innovative application to reduce aircraft turnaround delays at Dubai hub


Karachi / Dubai, Dec 26 2018– Emirates passengers travelling from or transiting through Dubai International Airport (DXB) can expect fewer instances of delays associated with aircraft turnaround thanks to a new innovative application built in-house by Emirates called the Hub Monitor.

Hub Monitor is being used by Emirates’ operational staff in Dubai to share and monitor real time information on the various activities that are carried out to prepare an aircraft for departure. Through its monitoring and proactive alerting system, the application helps avoid delays and improve on-time performance ultimately leading to a better passenger experience.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer said: “The Hub Monitor application is a unique and innovative tool developed in line with our vision to continuously re-examine our processes and introduce smart and more efficient means to improve our operations resulting in better passenger experience. Our Operations team in coordination with IT have led the development of the hub monitoring system in a record time of five months, building on an existing solution that was already developed by Emirates Engineering. The team examining the various functions of Hub Monitor in real time are working to roll out further modules and the next module will be implemented later this month.”

Emirates Aircraft Turnaround in Dubai

Emirates is the world’s largest international airline operating a fleet of 270 modern all wide-body fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft.  Every day around 255 Emirates flights depart from Dubai to destinations across six continents. Flights range in duration from less than an hour to over 17 hours. In order to avoid flight delays and inconvenience to passengers, it is critically important to efficiently turnaround the aircraft arriving in Dubai and prepare them for their next departure without compromising on quality or safety.

It currently takes about 105 minutes to turnaround the Emirates A380, the world’s largest commercial passenger jet, and about 90 minutes to prepare the Boeing 777 aircraft for departure at Emirates’ hub in Dubai.

There are a number of activities involved in the aircraft turnaround process. Some of these include a complete cleaning of aircraft interiors, water and toilet servicing, flight catering and loading meals for passengers, servicing the aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), refuelling the aircraft, maintenance checks, and loading passenger luggage and cargo. A delay in any one of these activities can have a cumulative impact on operations.


Emirates Hub Monitor
Emirates Hub Monitor


Hub Monitor

With Hub Monitor, cross-functional teams from departments including Engineering, Network Control, Airport Services, Flight Operations, and dnata Operations keep track of the turnaround activities on a real time basis. The application also triggers alerts to operational staff when there is a delay or deviation to any above or below wing activity against a pre-set Precision Timing Schedule (PTS). These pre-emptive alerts allow Emirates’ teams to identify and resolve the root cause of any potential delays. In fact, Hub Monitor has already demonstrated its potential, versatility and scalability and has been chosen as the platform for some of Emirates’ key internal initiatives on disruption and fulfilment.

Hub Monitor integrates data coming in from a number of internal platforms and real-time aircraft downlinks. It then provides the consolidated data through a single view interface to relevant internal stakeholders. Hub Monitor is also mobile enabled, meaning staff deployed on the aircraft, ramp and in other remote areas can also easily access the information.

The application provides information on all Emirates’ aircraft in Dubai, allowing teams the ability to proactively recalibrate and plan their activities to minimise the impact of any unavoidable or unforeseen delays. Initial results since the application was deployed in August indicate that Hub Monitor has the potential to bring about a significant delay reduction at Emirates’ Dubai hub every year.

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SAFR Launches in Two Major Urban Centers in Pakistan


Safr opened its franchises in Lahore and Multan as the women-focused rideshare was receiving an overwhelming response from both cities. Within a couple of months of introducing the service in Pakistan, Safr has built a customer base of thousands of drivers and riders.

Safr, a rideshare focused on female empowerment, today announced that it is now offering its services in Pakistan. While remaining true to its mission of the safety and empowerment of women, the company is expanding its services in South Asia. Earlier, Safr opened its franchises in Lahore and Multan as the women- focused rideshare was receiving an overwhelming response from both cities. Within a couple of months of introducing the service in Pakistan, Safr has built a customer base of thousands of drivers and riders.

Safr is now providing daily on-demand and scheduled rides in Lahore and Multan in addition to its hometown Boston, MA. Safr CEO Pakistan, Ramla Hassan stated, “It’s truly amazing to see incredible Pakistani women ride and drive fearlessly with Safr during odd hours of the day.” She added, “Thousands of people are downloading our Android and iOS apps, and we are processing our driver applications as expeditiously as we can to meet the demand.”

“Safr is committed to empower women anywhere in the world and ridesharing focused on women safety is one of the ways in which we can truly achieve that goal – we are tackling a major problem in transportation specially in the developing world where number of cars per household is either limited or non-existent,” Safr Global CEO, Syed Gilani, added. “Pakistan is only a start, we plan on expanding in the region with the help of our local partners.”

The Safr app offers unique features like in-app calls, SOS button, color match and gender preference. The company’s rigorous driver screening and training allow it to provide a better rideshare experience and safer environment to both women and men.

Drivers and riders interested in joining Safr can visit and download the Safr apps through the App Store or Google Play.


About Safr

Safr is a new ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women. Built with the needs of women in mind, the company aims to improve the lives of women through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security. Drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks. They are paid more than the industry standard, and are incentivized to provide best-in-class service. By choosing to ride with Safr, you support a like-minded driver, elevate your community by helping improve greater gender balance and choice in the ridesharing economy.


Contact Information Syed Gilani

Safr (617) 952-3333

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